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The 4 Steps to CMMC Compliance

CMMC Compliance is at the forefront of every government contractors mind. You know you have to meet compliance to continue doing business with the government, but it can be overwhelming when you don’t understand what you’re up against. We’ve included some information regarding the 4 Steps to CMMC Compliance below to help you along your compliance journey. 


Step 1: Baselining

  • Third-party analyzes current contracts and assigns lowest level contractor must achieve  
  • Third-party performs Gap Assessment  
  • Develop a System Security Plan (SSP) that meets all practices 
  • Create a project plan to close the gaps identified 


Step 2: Implementation

  • Bring your Gap Assessment to an Implementer 
  • Complete project plan 
  • Implementer will provide you with tools & services needed to gain compliance 
  • Provide employees with training 

Note: Simple Helix is considered an Implementer and can help guide contractors through Step 2. 


Step 3: Enact

  • Operate your SSP 
  • You have the plan, tools, services, and training to ensure you’re compliant. Now it’s time to operate as a CMMC Compliant Contractor.  
  • Internally correct issues as they arise 

Note: Simple Helix can also assist contractors throughout Step 3 by providing managed IT services and SOC monitoring services. 


Step 4: Assessment

  • Prepare for the arrival of the Assessor  
  • Assessor arrives on-site to review SSP & practices  
  • Assessor concludes with reporting their findings 
  • The contractor continues to improve cybersecurity practices in preparation for the next audit 




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