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The Triple Play E-Book

Cybersecurity Compliance Standards are front-of-mind for those in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). By 2026 all Government Contractors will have to be CMMC Compliant to maintain their working relationships with their Primes and the Government. In the meantime, the Government has made updates to the DFARs Compliance Standard by adding an Interim Rule that will ensure much-needed cybersecurity processes are implemented prior to the full roll-out of CMMC.

The new DFARs Interim Rule will take full effect on November 30, 2020. This means all contractors will have to submit a passable self-assessment to the Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) by that date or risk loss of contracts.

To learn what is expected of your business regarding this new Interim Rule and how you can tackle DFARs, CMMC, and ITAR Compliance all in one sitting, download the e-book!

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