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ISSA Event: CMMC From the Sub’s Perspective

Simple Helix partnered with the North Alabama Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (NAC-ISSA) to host a virtual discussion panel event on September 15, 2020. During the event, the CMMC discussion was examined through the lens of the subcontractors that are currently working towards CMMC compliance. A panel of 3 small contractors and subcontractor representatives were moderated by Simple Helix’ Vice President of Technology, Scott McDaniel, as they discussed their journey to compliance.

The speakers:
• Moderator: Scott McDaniel – Vice President of Technology, Simple Helix
• Panel Member: Josh Reinoehl – Technical Manager, Canvas Inc.
• Panel Member: Lloyd Sanders – CTO, Offset Strategic Services
• Panel Member: Michael Rawls – GIS PM/AFSO/ITPSO, Ethic Tech

The subs were asked questions like:
• Why did you decide to work towards CMMC compliance now?
• What are some of the hurdles you’ve been able to overcome regarding CMMC?
• What are the tools you’ve chosen to use to become compliant and why?
• How has this new compliance standard changed the way you operate?

To gain access to the event recording, please submit your information below.

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